Police Badges - Smith & Warren - Visual Badge

Custom police badges From Smith & Warren. Choose from over 1,000 badge models and see the badge being built with their revolutionary Visual Badge Program.  

Police Badges from Blackinton

Custom police badges from Blackinton. Choose from hundreds of styles, including their exclusive QuickShip program. Badges made in as little as 5-10 business days.

Police Badges - Smith & Warren - Family

Family Badges are small custom badges made with the same care and workmanship as full-size badges.

Insignia - Visual Badge Collar Insignia

Custom collar insignia from Smith & Warren. Available in 3 sizes, with or without periods.

Insignia - Name Plates - Visual Badge Name Plates Tie Bars

Custom Name Bars & Tie Bars from Smith Warren. See it being built with their Visual Badge Program

Custom Designed Badges

​​Smith & Warren and EPoliceSupply can help you design a completely custom badge that your agency or department can wear with Pride.

Blackinton Fire Scrambles

Custom fire scramble insignia from Blackinton. Available in many sizes, finishes, and colors.

Service Award Bars from Smith & Warren

Service Awards Bars from Smith & Warren. 100s to choose from. Available in Gold or Silver with your choice of colors.

Stock badges & leather with your choice of panels and 100 center seals. Have a custom badge made in 1-2 business days.

Strong Leather Co. Badge Holders

Badge wallets, ID cases, neck chain holders, and belt clips all available with a recessed cut for your badge.

Perfect Fit Shield Wallets

Badge wallets, ID cases, neck chain holders, and belt clips all available with a recessed cut for your badge.

Military Badges

Official badges for the US Navy, US Army, and the DoD. Available with 3 clutch pin option.

Commendation Bars

Full line of commendation bars from Blackinton & Smith Warren. 1000's of models available. Holders available.

Blackinton QuickShip Badges

Can't wait 30 days? Blackinton has 19 badge models with limited options for shipping in 5-10 business days.

Blackinton QuickShip Name Bars

Can't wait 30 days? Blackinton has name bars with limited options available to ship in 5-10 business days.

Smith & Warren Acrylic Embedments

Custom acrylic badge preservations from Smith & Warren. Build yours with their revolutionary Visual Badge Program

Blackinton FexBadge

FlexBadge is a lightweight three dimensional, flexible metallic looking emblem that can be customized to your liking.

Since the year 2000, EPoliceSupply.Com has offered the largest selection of police badges, uniform insignia, commendation bars, award medals, name plates, collar brass, and leather accessories for public safety professionals.

With a large selection of badges that can be customized, we have all of your badge and insignia needs covered. We offer custom made badges by Blackinton and Smith and Warren. Try out the Smith & Warren Visual Custom Badge Builder or the Blackinton Design-A-Badge Builder to design and create your custom badge. We also offer custom police badges, sheriff badges, Fire badges, ID badge holders, name badge holders, custom badge wallets, police badge wallets and more.